Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Six Words to Guide Your Plant Choices

There are six words that will help you create a garden that thrives. The words are right plant, right place, and right time.

Right Time: It can be very tempting to rush out into the garden and start planting after a few days of warm weather. This can be especially tempting after a long and cold winter. However, this is often, almost always a mistake.

I have found this out from experience. Put seeds in the ground before the soil is warm enough and they may not germinate. Put plants out before the night’s are warm enough and they may die. If you follow the instructions on the seed pack and know when the last day of frost occurs where you live, the odds of success increase significantly. 

Here, in northern New Brunswick, spring may be a day away, but the ground is still frozen and I will not be planting any seeds until the last week of May at the earliest.
If you are planning to start seeds indoors, again read the instructions on the seed package. Seeds started too soon indoors will be ready to plant out before the outside conditions are ready to accept them.

Right Place: Seeds and seedlings must be planted where they will receive the amount of sunlight they require. You need to know your site; how much sunlight falls on it and you need to know whether the plants you are planning to plant require, full sun, partial sun or full shade, for example.

Right Plant: This is more complicated that it may seem. On one hand it refers to a plant that will do well in you climate zone and in the light and soil conditions of your garden bed.

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