Friday, March 28, 2014

It is Always Gardening Season

This is a harsh winter. I use winter, because while it is officially spring, the 15 foot snow mound, almost, reaches the top of the apple tree in the backyard, and the winter blows strong and cool. It feels more like Early February than Late March.

Surprisingly, I am not down in the dumps or suffering cabin fever. As I walked along Roseberry Street this morning, I realized I was enjoying the day. The air was fresh and clean; a bit damp, heralding the snow that fell a few hours later.

The sun, when out is strong, the air gradually warming. I do miss the gladiolus and crocuses often seen by now. They will be late this year, but their vibrant colours will warm our hearts when they begin to peek out from under the snow.

Regardless of the weather, it will not be time to start seed indoors, for at least three weeks. I suggest April 26 for those who must have a date. Most vegetable seeds and seedlings will not see the earth until nearly six weeks later, about June 9. So why be glum. Life is too short and the wheel will turn no matter how I feel.

New gardens will pop up when the time is right. New gardeners are asking for help or a piece of land to plant, and we have been able to accommodate. The snow may cover the ground, the cold wind may grab our breath, but the gardens are already growing in the mind, heart and dreams of every gardener I talk with.
It is always gardening season.

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