Monday, April 11, 2016

A Community Garden

First, this is the tomato we are growing and saving seeds: Chalk's Early Jewel. 

Second, in the Campbellton Tribune, on Friday April 15, the first of two articles on soil.

Third, over the years, I have had a plot in several community gardens, all were different, yet all had much in common. I believe the community garden can transform a vacant plot of land, whether it is asphalt covered or bare soil into a thriving oasis. The oasis does more than enable people to grow some food, fruit, herbs and flowers for themselves, it also grows hope as it builds community. 

A community garden can be the foundation upon which a neighbourhood develops local resilience and begins the creation of a strong and viable local economy. Stay connected to read how this I possible and as always your comments and questions are welcomed.

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