Sunday, April 10, 2016

This Year's Garden

Winter is hanging on, a cold wind is blowing and the snow is melting, slowly. However, gardening season is coming. Well, I feel it is always gardening season but the actual get out and get dirty, the best aprt, is on its way.

The Campbellton Community garden will add three new beds. One is a heritage garden. Vegetables that would have been grown in this region or similar climes or their closest living relatives, will be plants. The purpose is twofold, to save the seeds for future gardens and to savout the foods, our ancestorscared for and consumed.

Seed saving is at the forefront of this year's gardening endeavours. The Inspire Coop has received tomato seeds from Seeds of Diversity. We will be planting a minimum of 20 tomato plants ( more on the variety, next post) and saving the seeds. We will also snack on a few.

A third garden bed, the mandala garden, will be planted with seeds borrowed from the Seed Library. The Seed Library is a partnership project with the Campbellton Centennial Library. We will save some of the seeds to return to the Library and set up a Food Is Free project with the rest of the garden's yield. All our efforts will be documented and shared. Stay connected for updates.

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