Friday, April 25, 2014

Why Are We Here?

Why are we here? What is our purpose? The search for purpose and meaning in Life has pre-occupied humanity for millennia. There are many, diverse responses to the questions, Why are we here? What is our purpose?

My answers are we are the gardeners; we are here to tend the earth, to nurture her and maintain her for future generations who will do the same.

You do not need a green thumb to be a gardener, nor do you even need to grow anything yourself. The concept of being a gardener, in this larger context,extends beyond growing fruits, vegetables and flowers. It spreads through all that we do during our stay here on Earth.

Our purpose on Earth is to tend the garden that Nature provides. This includes maintaining an organic or natural garden in your yard, where you grow flowers, herbs or food; it includes looking after a plot in a community or allotment garden.

Gardening, or caring for the earth, means more than tending your own plot; it reaches out to encompass recycling, reducing and reusing in order to keep items from the waste stream.
Garbage and garbage dumps are taking up far too much space, and are not earth friendly; throwing something in the garbage rather than recycling or composting it, is not nurturing the earth, but is cluttering it.

Walking or riding a bicycle or taking public transport is another way to care for the earth that is compatible with good gardening practices.

If we all lived each day as though we were tending the earth for the future generations who will inherit what we leave behind, we would take major steps towards eliminating many of the environmental problems that plague us today.

We are here on this earth at this point in time to care for it and to make sure that future generations are able to thrive and not choke on our exhaust or drown in our waste.

We are the gardeners who have been given the responsibility to tend the earth as though it was our garden, one that meets our needs now and into the future, not just our future but the future if generations yet to come.

A wise gardener does not just look at today but gardens in both time and space. The gardener can peer into the future and get a glimpse of what the garden will look like if the gardener continues on the same path and behaves in a similar manner.

The gardener has choices and can pick a path of renewal or a path of destruction, we can do this each and every day. We are the gardeners.

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