Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Fall Bulb Planting

We will be planting daffodils, alliums and tulips in the Rotary Peace park this Saturday as part of the Fall park cleanup.

Not all the plants we plant this fall are actually bulbs, even if we refer to them as such. A true bulb is a fleshy bud sprouting roots from its bottom, and stems, flowers and foliage from its top or crown. Tulips, lilies and onions are bulbs.

Corms are comprised of fleshy tissue and have a bud at the top. Crocus and gladiolus are examples of corms.

Tubers (potatoes), rhizomes (bearded iris) and tap roots (lupins), for example, are planted similar to bulbs. Be sure to read the package the plant material comes in, so, you will know the proper planting depth. Remember pointy side up and all should be well.

As the garden season winds down, consider combining the bulb planting with an end-of-season cleanup. For example, getting rid of any debris, and adding mulch are two useful activities that can be done, just before you plant bulbs.

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