Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Why Are We Here?

A short sentence, one many of asked and many answered but have we found the truth?  Let us start here. Why does earth exist?

Does earth exist to serve humans or do humans exist to serve earth? Perhaps both are wrong.

I am taking a break until 2015 but will be back with a story, for now I will leave you with this one.

an ancient tale:

One day a man leaves his village for a short walk. His attention is captured by the scenery and he soon discovers he has taken an unknown path. Up ahead he sees a tiger and the tiger spots him. The man tuns and flees. in his haste, he misses the turn and soon finds himself at the edge of a cliff. the tiger is approaching. The man jumps.

Fortunately, there is a tree growing out of the side of the cliff, he grabs a branch and holds on. He starts to pull himself up but hears the tiger growling above. Looking down he sees another tiger at the bottom waiting for him to fall. He looks around and spots a wild strawberry bush. He plucks one, and eats it. It is the sweetest strawberry he has ever eaten,

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