Friday, October 16, 2015

Plot Number 6: How A Community Garden Began

The Campbellton Community Garden has been a great success over the three years it has been operating. We are planning a book about the garden with photos taken by our two young garden photographers. The book will provide insights about what community gardens are as well as gardening tips and techniques. Stay connected for details. 

"Fresh food is good food,and the freshest food you can get is food you grow yourself. However, not everyone has the space where they live to grow anything. This is where community gardens enter the picture. A community garden is a plot of land, the size will vary, where a number of people come together to grow what they need.
There is often a contract to be signed. The contract sets out the terms under which the garden operates. For example, keeping your site weeded, respecting the other gardeners and using only organic materials are common items in community garden contracts.
One of the greatest challenges in developing a community garden is finding a site that is suitable for this purpose. Ideally, the gardeners would own the land, but a long term lease is the next best arrangement.

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