Thursday, January 26, 2017

Garden Walkways

When designing a walkway for a garden keep it simple. Use straight lines and employ shrubs and garden art to indicate the walkway’s flow. Changing the surface texture can also help provide directional clues.

If there are any inclines or declines along the path, then install hand rails about one meter or three feet before they begin.

When laying out the garden beds use low borders and keep the width of the bed to no more than one meter or three feet. This makes it easy for the gardener to reach the centre of the garden bed from either side.

If the gardener has limited vision, colour can help to distinguish between plants and garden areas. Bright flowers could be used to separate different types of vegetables thereby providing information for the gardener to use in knowing what vegetables were in what section of the garden bed.

Bright colours also come into play when it comes to garden tools. Tools with brightly coloured handles can help the gardener to select the proper tool for the task at hand. If coloured tools are not available, then paint the handles.

Tie a rope to the short-handled tools, so if they are dropped then it will be easier to find them. A tool pouch or other means for carrying tools around the garden is also useful.

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