Thursday, March 2, 2017

Galerie Restigouche Gallery: Heritage Garden Project.

The Heritage Garden Project created by the Galerie Restigouche Gallery is based on information gather from information generously provided by the Kings Landing Historical Settlement. 

A second source was the book, written by Wesley Greene, “Vegetable Gardening, The Colonial Williamsburg Way.”
The seeds used in the Heritage garden are based upon the information Kings Landing provided.  The garden will grow onions, peas, beans, squash.\ and a few other varieties.

We plan to save seeds from the garden and replant them each Spring 2018. In this way, we will develop plants that are accustomed to the region. In time, we may be able to make some of these seeds available to local gardeners.  Herbs and plants that were used for medicinal purposes will play a vital part in creating this living testimony that is the Heritage Garden. 

The Heritage Garden project will create a legacy through its documentation using both digital video and still photography. The videos and photos will be posted on the Facebook page set up for the Historic Garden.

Photographs will illustrate the work being done and will be accompanied by a clear language text enabling visitors easy access to the content and context of this Garden.  It is our hope this approach will assist in learning and to becoming familiar with the gardening methods and the plants being utilized for the project.  

 The only tools used will be those available at the time and no artificial ingredients will be employed in the garden.

The final event will be a harvest meal prepared using the produce grown and members of the community will be invited to sit down and enjoy the feast.

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