Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring: The Garden Awakens

The cold temperatures belie the approach of Spring, but the warm sun when the wind is blokced screams, soon, soon.

Spring, even when the cold winds blows and I wonder if a real warm and sunny day will ever arrive, is the season of renewal. The time when the green awakes and colour begins to emerge. 

I enjoy seeing the first spring bulbs break through the ground with their purple and yellow flowers standing out against the brown and often white. The snow is still on the ground here when these brave beings venture forth. 

This year the crocuses were covered my snow twice but that snow served as a warm blanket to protect them against the cold night. 

The crocuses are spreading across the side yard as they are meant to; located between the house and the driveway, they have their own ecosystem to allow them to flourish and they are ready to greet the visitor.

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