Friday, February 14, 2014

How Much Time do you Have to Spend Gardening?

Great gardens take time; time to grow and time to learn. To begin gardening, you do not need a lot of knowledge but you do need the time to allow what knowledge you have, to expand, as you get out in the dirt, and discover what you need to know.

When people ask me how to get started with a garden, one of the first questions I ask them is how much time do you have to spend in your garden each day?

The reason I ask this question is people often have great gardens in their minds, but in their daily lives, they simply do not have the time to care for those gardens. Sure, the first few days are full of energy, as the garden bed or beds are prepared,and the seeds and seedlings are planted, and everything is watered.

But then life happens, and the busy schedule that is many peoples’ reality starts to take over and tending the garden gets put aside or left to the weekend. Now, once a garden is established, you do not need to visit it every day, although I do recommend that if you really want a thriving organic garden then allow yourself at least five minutes each day.

During those five minutes all you are doing is observing, looking for changes like any unwanted visitors or signs that something may be wrong, brown leaves, chew marks and so on.

In another post we will explore how to build a garden that almost takes care of itself.

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