Monday, February 10, 2014

Rotary Peace Park

Last year, I had the opportunity to create a park. The project began as a suggestion for a peace project for the Campbellton Rotary Club. In discussions with the Village of Tide Head, the Club was able to form an agreement to create the Park on land the Village owned. 

Working with both the Rotary Club and the Village council,  a plan came into being that combined the use of perennial flowers, fruit trees, wildflowers and trees to create a place that will attract butterflies and be a quiet, beautiful spot for people to stroll through.

The students at Tide Head Elementary School helped plant sunflower and wildflower gardens. This summer, we plan to add a number of milkweed plants, so Monarch butterflies will be able to visit the site. Appropriate plants will  be selected so the Monarchs will be able to feed and breed. I will be posting pictures here and updates this year as the work continues.

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