Moving Towards the Simple Life

Eight years ago, my wife and I began the journey towards the simpler life. The first step was to reduce the number of things we had. This was made easier by a move from Ontario to New Brunswick. Movers charge by the pound so we decided this was a good incentive to reduce the poundage.

We are now looking for a tiny home for our retirement years. We live in a small apartment under 800 sq ft, but want a bit of land for growing. This article can help motivate your move towards the simple life.

"a good time to think about where consumer-capitalism is getting us. The sad fact is that, with these values, our society can never be ecologically sustainable or just. Accelerating global problems cannot be solved in a society obsessed with production and consumption, affluent living standards, market forces, the profit motive and economic growth. The only way out is via a huge and radical transition to The Simpler Way


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