Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Permaculture Books

My personal library contains a number of excellent books about permaculture and related methodologies. I will, about once a week, talk about a book from my library, not a review so much, but a short note of why I feel the book needs to be read.

However, before I get to the books, I want to talk about a magazine, one that is also a source of excellent books and other great items, Permaculture Magazine. I just recently resubscribed, having been a subscriber several years back, but was moving around and did not get to renew, my mistake.

Permaculture Magazine is published by Permanent Publications in the United Kingdom. Editor Maddy Harland gets the mind working with each issue in her editorial. I could tell you more about Maddy but subscribe to the magazine and find out for yourself.

Each issue contains practical information suitable for anyone who wants to know more about sustainable living and permaculture. issue 82, Winter 2014 contains articles  such as Guerrilla Recycling- repairing the unrepairable and Build Your Own raised Beds, for free.

Do not wait drop by the website now and check out  this excellent resource.

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