Tuesday, January 13, 2015

When The Trees Stopped Talking with People

Long ago, when the world was new and there was only one small village, Father Oak and Mother Ash would, once every three months, walk to the village so they could talk with the people living there.

Mother Ash and Father Oak would share the tales of the forest, and all who lived there, with the people. The people listened carefully and with respect. When the trees stopped speaking, the people would begin, informing the trees about events in the village, births, deaths, marriages and so on.

 The people would then ask the trees for their permission to enter the forest and gather nuts and berries, to hunt, fish and cut what wood they needed.

The people helped the forest to thrive because they only took trees from stands that were overcrowded and there were too many trees bunched together. This made it difficult for any trees to flourish; the people and the trees and, all that was, lived in Harmony.

to be continued.

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